Do you Want to Succeed in Sales? Are you Fanatical About Success?

Book Review Fanatical Prospecting

If you answered “YES” to both these questions, then I have good news for you.

Successful salespeople and sales organization understand the key to success is generating new business. New business requires a steady stream of qualified prospects to keep your pipeline full.

Yet, many people have opted for using only passive approaches to prospecting namely social media. Does it Fanatical Prospectingwork? I am still personally trying, maybe a few have figured it out.

There is simply no getting around the brutal fact that the #1 reason for failure in sales is prospecting.

That’s why I am so excited to share a book that will make you a Ninja prospector and a Master salesperson.

If you want to succeed in sales, you need to get a copy of Jeb Blount’s latest book.

Fanatical Prospecting is the most comprehensive book ever written about sales prospecting. It is a practical, eye-opening guide that clearly explains the why and how behind the most important activity in sales and business development—prospecting.

Step by step, Jeb outlines his innovative, balanced approach to prospecting that works for real people, in the real world, with real prospects. You’ll learn the secrets and techniques that top earners leverage to keep their pipeline and bank account full including:

  • Why the 30-Day Rule is critical for avoiding debilitating sales slumps
  • How to leverage the Law of Familiarity to reduce prospecting friction
  • The 5 C’s of Social Selling and how to use them to get prospects to start calling you
  • How to use the simple 5 Step Telephone Framework to get more appointments with less rejection
  • How to double callbacks with a powerful voicemail technique
  • The real secret to skipping past gatekeepers
  • How to leverage the powerful 4 Step Email Prospecting Framework to create emails that compel prospects to respond
  • How to get prospects engaged fasted with the 7 Step Text Message Prospecting Framework
  • And there is so much more!

Break free from the fear and frustration that’s holding you back. With Fanatical Prospecting, you’ll gain the power to blow through resistance and objections to book more appointments, start more sales conversations, and close more deals.