Dream, Plan and Succeed

 Setting Your Goals into Action

Research shows that the one characteristic that successful people have in common is that they continually set goals for themselves. Below you will find my 5 Step Process to Setting Your Goals into Action. Achieving the success you desire is within your reach.

5 Steps to Setting Your Goals into Action

Step 1 What: Establish what you want to achieve. It can be personally, career wise or financial. What would make you the MVP in your organization? Visualise the goals you would like to achieve in the next year.

Step 2 Why: Tap into why these goals are important to you. This will be your source of motivation. E.g.: Recognition, pride, praise or reward.

Step 3 How: Determine the two or three actions that will help you achieve your goals.

Step 4 When: Set completion dates.

Step 5 Commit! Commit! Commit!: Commit your goals to paper. Commit your goals to someone who will keep you accountable to achieving them. Commitment is key.

Open my Goal Action Planner, set your goals, build your action plan and send the plan to your mentor/coach.