Dramatically Improve Your Productivity

We all want to improve our productivity. Many sales executives are feeling overwhelmed, unproductive and frustrated. They are finding it difficult to deal with critical daily tasks due to the barrage of emails, number of meetings, interruptions and putting out fires.

How can you be productive, if you spend your entire day responding to emails, are fully booked with meetings, are being constantly interrupted by the phone or people in the office who want to speak with you, and putting out one fire after another?

Does this sound like you?

How would you like to be more focused?

Where do you start?

In a recent interview with Miles Austin, I was asked, “how do I start my day?”

My Focus Board

I went on to describe my Focus Board, which is a large whiteboard I have up on my office wall and can see from my desk.


Focus Board


On my dry-erase board, I write my long-term goals, key marketing initiatives, opportunities. Every day I write down the three critical tasks I would like to accomplish that day. I define essential as three tasks that will bring me closer to my longer-term goals. I only pick items that are aligned with my goals.

The beauty of using a dry-erase board is that your daily focus is visual. You can look up and see what is essential. So when you are deciding on responding to an email or picking up the phone, you can determine what is more important. You can choose to either make the call or do you accomplish one of the critical tasks for the day.

I find that to help build energy, try to complete all three tasks early in the day as this will lead to feelings of being productive and give you a sense of accomplishment that you have achieved your three goals for the day.

There is also the positive feeling of ticking off or erasing each item off your board once you have completed it.

Another trick I use is to schedule time on my calendar to complete each goal.

Focus is like being pregnant – either you are or your not. There is no in between, or somewhat, it is an “all or nothing” venture.

Being focused each day will help you gain a feeling of being in control, accomplishing goals and having a successful day.

We all know people who are focused and those that aren’t.

How would you describe someone who is focused?

How would you describe someone who isn’t focused?

How would you like to be perceived?

Remember on the journey to success, every small step or thing you do helps get you closer to your goal.

Go to Staples/Business Depot/Walmart and buy yourself a dry-erase board today! Drop me a note and let me know how it’s going.