Want better results this year?

Like most busy sales executives, you are focused on bringing in more revenue for the business. Or at least, you SHOULD be. But how much time are you spending every day, week and month on “busy work” that doesn’t produce direct results?

How much more rewarding would your work be personally and how much more lucrative for the company’s bottom line if you could minimize your “admin” time and concentrate on creating and developing the business at hand?

The popular adage “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” is attributed to Benjamin Franklin, the father of time management. Winston Churchill later said something similar, “He who fails to plan is planning to fail.”  Either way, it’s sound advice, don’t you think?

I’ve seen it happen over and over again, where good people have failed simply because they didn’t have it all under control. They were overwhelmed by the minutia, with no time to plan or think or strategize — and it got the best of them. It can happen before you know it.

Having better planning skills can give you the freedom of more time, more energy and more brain power to devote to delivering the best results.

Download this free goal setting and planning guide to help you plan to be a more effective and productive sales manager or VP.

This guide includes:

  • A clear 5-step system to setting and achieving goals.
  • Our Focus on Success Goal Planning template (to use over and over again)
  • Your guide to unlimited success


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Success is a function of achieving goals we set for ourselves.

Deciding and achieving the outcomes we truly desire is the definition of success.

You’ll start by:

  • Defining “what” success means to you.
  • Understanding the real “why” or motivating factors for you.
  • Planning “how” you will achieve your goals, and finally,
  • Being accountable for achieving them.

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