Don’t Make New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! Don’t waste your time making New Year’s resolutions.

Set Goals and Put them to Paper

Chances are you have had some time off to reflect and make resolutions. The only problem is Sales Managerthat you will probably forget all your “New Year’s” resolutions by next week.

You are not alone.

Like most busy executives you are focused on your business.

Yet we all get sucked into the daily minutia. The day to day demands of business, emails, meetings and phone calls get the best of us. This constant flow of “stuff” coming at us often interferes with that “good” feeling of achievement.

All of this is busy work.

What percentage of emails and voice messages actually impact your goals?

Why then, do we spend so much time responding and reading these emails and voice messages?

Have you built your own personal and professional success plan? Have you set goals for yourself? Have you defined the what, why, how and when for your success?

 Are you interested in becoming more successful? Do you want to make this a year breakthrough year?

Well, I will share a FREE copy of my STAR – Goal Setting and Planning Guide for greater personal and professional success. It will help you set your goals into action!

Research shows that the one thing that successful people always do is set goals. Click on the link below to get my simple 5 steps process to help you start your year off with a focus on the outcomes you want.

 It’s that simple. Click below and download my FREE Goal Planning Guide.

goal planning guide