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TORONTO, CANADA — STAR Results announces the launch of its STAR Sales Management Development Program, designed to improve sales managers’ coaching skills and increase monthly sales performances.

Sales manager coaching is the #1 sales management activity that drives sales performance. In fact, master sales coaches drive 20% more sales than their less proficient counterparts. The challenge is that most sales managers find coaching a very difficult skill to master and therefore don’t spend time coaching.

Traditional sales manager training follows a 1-2-day workshop format with little or no pre and post assessments or follow up reinforcement.  It is generally accepted, that 85-90% of learnings are lost within 30 days if not reinforced.

The STAR Sales Management Development Program takes a Revolutionary approach to transforming sales managers into master sales coaches. It  goes beyond traditional classroom training to offer sales managers best practices in adult learning. The program uses a combination of assessments, coaching, mentoring and on-demand virtual training which don’t require the sales manager to be out of the field. In addition, we  reinforce learning over a 6-month period with the use of 1:1 coaching; a powerful supplemental tool that helps managers master coaching.

“The STAR Sales Management Development program is truly a breakthrough in developing great sales coaching skills” says Steven Rosen, CEO of STAR Results.

The STAR Sales Management Development Program aims to close this gap; honing in on the coaching skills of sales managers so they can motivate, inspire, and lead their sales reps to crush their monthly sales quotas.

“Our program is based on my proven 5-step Focused Coaching methodology. The on-demand learning module allows sales managers to learn how to effectively coach their salespeople into top performers. Those who complete the program will see permanent, measurable improvements in sales performances,” says Rosen.

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