How would you Coach the Self-Doubter?

We all know self-doubters in our personal and professional lives. Despite they’re lack of apparent confidence, many of them are highly
successful. From a cognitive perspective, the self-doubter can only see what they don’t do well. They are their own worst critics. Given a lack of self-awareness, they are extremely difficult to coach.

Can you think of anyone on your team who fits this tag?

Tip #42: The Self Doubter

The Self Doubter: A sales rep that sees and believes everything they do is wrong. 

These reps are extremely challenging to coach. If you provide direct feedback, it may be met with “I already do that” or reasons why they don’t. The Self Doubter perceives any critiquing as weakness and personalizes it as confirmation that they are doing a horrible job!

The trick with this type of individual is to lead them through a process of self-discovery and improvement. By asking them a series of questions, you can guide them through a process of self-awareness that will lead to an “ah ha” moment. This breakthrough may seem labor-intensive, but the payback is a stronger rep and increased performance.

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