Coaching for Performance

Coaching for performance

Coaching for Performance: A Guide to Unlocking Full Potential

As a sales manager, you continuously provide constructive feedback to your sales reps. But there’s a challenging scenario: a top-performing rep with an attitude issue. How do you address this?

Coaching for performance is about more than praising achievements. It’s about navigating the behavioural waters hindering a sales team’s growth.

The Challenge with Arrogant Performers

Some reps excel in sales but can be a friction point within the team due to their behaviour. The Arrogant Performers, often due to their high performance, might feel their achievements overshadow any negative behaviours.

Consider these behaviours:

  • Causing issues at meetings: Take John, who dismisses new company directives openly.
  • Not being a team player: Like Elaine, who takes credit but often complains about team efforts.
  • Blaming others: Rashid frequently points fingers at his manager or marketing team.

Such behaviours can create a challenging work environment. As a sales manager, it’s crucial to step in.

5-Step Process to Coach the Arrogant Performer

Addressing behavioural concerns requires a sensitive touch. Here’s a tried-and-true 5-step process:

  1. Give Specific Feedback: Start with clear, direct feedback. Use phrases like “I observed…” or “I heard you comment…”
  2. Assess Awareness: Gauge their awareness of the behaviour and its repercussions. Ask questions like, “Do you understand how this might come across?”
  3. Seek a Commitment to Change: The rep must acknowledge the need for change. Discuss their willingness and commitment to adjust their behaviour.
  4. Plan of Action: Upon commitment, help them draft an action plan. Encourage them to make it tangible by penning it down.
  5. Hold Them Accountable: Monitor their progress, celebrate improvements, and offer reminders when they revert to old behaviours.

Conclusion: The True Meaning of Coaching for Performance

Effective coaching is not just about numbers. It’s about fostering understanding and empathy and guiding a systematic change. Tackling challenging conversations with top performers can be growth opportunities.

Addressing these challenges is paramount if you aim for a thriving sales team. With this guide, you’re on the path to transforming potential disruptions into team-wide success.

Remember, coaching goes beyond words; it’s the approach that counts. In a metric-driven environment, the human aspect of sales is paramount. Coaching for performance is all about harnessing the potential of every team member, irrespective of their quirks.

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