Coaching Effectiveness Snapshot

Finally, An Assessment That Helps Sales Managers Know How Effective They Coach

Coaching is the #1 sales management activity that drives sales performance.

Do you get any feedback on the quality or effectiveness of your coaching?

Wouldn’t it be great to know your coaching strengths and areas for development?

The Coaching Effectiveness Snapshot™ is a proprietary 180-degree assessment that provides feedback from your salespeople on the quality and effectiveness of your coaching.


What Does it Measure?

The Coaching Effectiveness Snapshot™ measures six dimensions of effective sales coaching as seen by the salespeople who receive coaching.


Six Dimensions of Effective Coaching

1. Sales Rep Receptiveness: For coaching to work, sales reps must be open to being coached.

2. Leadership: Leadership is a key dimension in setting and communicating common goals.

3. Support of Sales Activities: Highly effective coaches help their sales reps focus on which opportunities and customers are most important.

4. Coaching Flexibility: Highly effective sales managers can adjust their coaching style based on the individual.

5. Performance Coaching: Sales managers who hold their salespeople accountable for following through on their own business plans are more effective.

6. Coaching Time: The time dedicated to coaching in the field and on the phone has a positive impact on the manager’s effectiveness.


Don’t miss this opportunity to benchmark your coaching skills?