Sales Strategy #5: Develop a Coaching Culture

Develop a Coaching Culture Video

Develop a Coaching Culture

Hi, this is my fifth video on Sales Strategies to Crush Your Sales Numbers, I call it Develop a Coaching Culture

In the last four video/blogs, I covered:

Sales Strategy #1: Upgrading the skills of your front-line sales managers because you have a multiplier effect when their skills get better.

Sales Strategy #2 Execute with Excellence because most companies do not execute with excellence

Sales Strategy #3:  Invest in Yourself. If you are a senior leader or a leader within an organization, the key is to invest in yourself

Sales Strategy #4: Plan to Succeed.  In that video, I talked about the impact of sales reps planning their own territory and building their own plans for their business and for their accounts.

Today I want to talk to you about the most important one, it’s called Building a Coaching Culture.

If you want to crush your sales numbers next year, then it is really critical that you build a coaching culture.

All the studies out there in terms of the impact of coaching show a very positive impact if your sales managers do a very effective job coaching.

I am talking about a much bigger picture here, I am talking about building a coaching culture that stems throughout the organization.

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Here are the 5 steps to building a coaching culture

Step 1: Coaching starts at the top.

Do not expect your front line sales managers to be great coaches if their bosses or their bosses’ bosses are not supporting their coaching methodology.  It is up to everyone in the organization to coach.  From the front-line sales managers, of course, they have the biggest impact as many of them have ten or more reps or eight to ten reps reporting to them so their role in

Step 2: is really about developing their salespeople to be better.

Step 3: Mindset Shift

There is a mindset shift within the organization of moving from telling people what to do but to asking questions, being curious and not judgemental.

Step 4: Individual Accountability for Development

Is really about your salespeople and managers holding themselves accountable for their own development.  It is not about your manager developing you, your managers are there to facilitate and coach but you have to maintain throughout the organization accountability to grow, develop and be better.  That is the key.

Step 5: Stay the Course

The last item that we see quite frequently for companies that have done a really good job of building their culture, well guess what, the first quarter comes and you are off in sales and all of a sudden everyone is telling you to do this, do that, do this, so you go off course.

The key to building the culture is not panicking but staying the course because you have to believe that if you are able to develop that coaching culture then your sales are going to grow.

Sometimes it takes a bit longer to get there as it is not an overnight thing. The patients as a senior leader to continue to coach even in light of some short-term issues is critical.

Wishing you all the best for the holiday season and have a great year in 2018 and go ahead and Crush Your Sales Numbers, your team is counting on it!


Would You Like to Crush Your Sales Numbers?

Too many sales leaders are struggling to achieve their sales numbers. As a result, they find themselves overly stressed, frustrated, and not sure what to do. They begin to question their people instead of leading, engaging and inspiring them. Thereby creating a sales culture of distrust and a lack of motivation ensues.

Imagine instead; your sales managers are coaching and developing their people and executing with excellence. All your salespeople are highly engaged, productive and crushing their sales numbers!  You are hitting all your objectives and are highly successful.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

You need to focus on leading and engaging your team to get maximum performance. Your managers need a high level of support to become better leaders and to execute with excellence.

I work with sales executives and managers who want to break through. I offer highly focused executive coaching, training and strategy execution to help sales leaders develop their leadership skills, execute with excellence and crush their sales numbers.

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