Effectively Coaching Inside Salespeople

Coaching inside salespeople

Effectively Coaching Inside Salespeople

As you look to develop a world-class inside sales team, the role of coaching inside salespeople can’t be understated. Just as athletes rely on their coaches to fine-tune their skills and achieve peak performance, inside sales reps look to their managers for guidance, motivation, and actionable insights. The key to effective coaching lies in understanding the unique challenges and opportunities of the inside sales environment.

With remote interactions and fast-paced selling cycles, inside sales requires a specialized approach to coaching. Coaching calls stand as pivotal sessions where managers have the chance to delve deep into a rep’s techniques, guiding them toward success. When conducted effectively, coaching calls can showcase strengths and spotlight areas for development.

Seven Best Practices When It Comes to Coaching Inside Salespeople:

1- Live vs. Recorded Calls:

– Live Calls: Participating in live calls provides immediate feedback and offers managers a genuine sense of the rep’s interaction dynamics. However, this method might induce nervousness in some reps, as they’re aware of being observed in real-time.

– Recorded Calls: Delving into recorded calls offers versatility. Managers and reps can replay the call, pause for discussions at key moments, and analyze the conversation without the pressure of a live situation.

Recommendation: Implement both strategies. Live calls can be used for spontaneous feedback and getting an authentic feel, while recorded calls are apt for comprehensive analyses, especially when pinpointing certain coaching areas.

2- Self-evaluation:

Before diving into feedback, motivate reps to evaluate their calls. This process promotes self-awareness and critical thinking. Often, reps will pinpoint their areas of enhancement. By self-evaluating, reps actively contribute to their professional growth and development instead of just receiving feedback.

3- Selection of Calls:

– Manager-selected: Managers occasionally choosing calls ensures an unbiased perspective, preventing reps from only showcasing their exemplary performances.

– Rep-selected: Allow reps to bring forward calls they found challenging or uncertain about their performance and exceptional calls so they can become consciously competent in what they do well.

Recommendation: Balance manager-selected calls with rep-selected ones. This amalgamation captures a broad spectrum of the rep’s abilities.

4- Aligning Coaching Calls with Coaching Focus:

Managers need to be clear on the coaching objective. While choosing calls, they can offer a backdrop: “This call was chosen given your approach to handling objections, which we’re focusing on this month.” This maintains the relevance of reviews and aligns them with coaching goals.

5- Frequency & Quantity:

– Frequency: Newly onboarded reps or those requiring intensified guidance should have weekly sessions. For seasoned reps, sessions can be bi-weekly or even monthly.

– Quantity: Analyzing excessive calls in one sitting can be counterproductive. Evaluating one to three calls during a session strikes the right balance between depth and engagement.

6- Structure of the Coaching Session:

Initiate the coaching session by asking the rep for their assessment. If dealing with a recorded call, play it back, pausing at decisive points to discuss. End with constructive feedback, charting out clear aims for subsequent calls.

7- Document Feedback:

Keep a collaborative document detailing feedback from each session. This serves as a benchmark and chronicles the rep’s evolution and growth over time.

Conclusion on Coaching Inside Salespeople:

Coaching inside salespeople intertwines art with science. The overall goal is to create an atmosphere where the rep feels valued and becomes self-reflective with actionable insights for improvement. Successful coaching embodies collaboration between the manager and rep, with the main goal focusing on excellence in sales dialogues.


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