What Awesome Sales Leaders Are Doing to Lead Their Team to Succeed

Awesome Sales Leaders

It would be great to understand what awesome sales leaders are doing to lead their team to succeed? As a sales leader, there are only so many levers you have at your disposal to impact team success.

However, you know that where you put your emphasis can have a dramatic impact on sales outcomes. Here are the top five areas that I have seen successful sales leaders focus on, to outperform their competitors.

  1. Engaging the Entire Sales Organization

We all know that highly-engaged sales reps will out-sell their less engaged counterparts. How do you engage Man jumpingthe entire sales team is the challenge? The 80/20 rule applies in most sales organizations. 20% of the sales reps bring home 80% of the revenue.

Creating and maintaining a high level of engagement across the entire sales organization takes a concerted effort. It starts with the sales leader and extends to the front-line sales managers.

Sales rep engagement is multifactorial; sales reps want to know that their manager cares about them, that they are recognized for a job well done, that they are being developed and that they are empowered to do the job they are paid to do.

Awesome sales leaders are highly focused on knowing the level of engagement of their sales team. They take the time to get qualitative and quantitative feedback from their sales team on engagement. These leaders strive to continually elevate engagement.

  1. Having a Pulse on the Customer Experience

The CEB research has shown that 53% of customer loyalty is based on the customer experience more so than on brand, product and service delivery. The value the sales rep bring to the table has the greatest impact on why a customer will buy from your company.

Awesome sales leaders have a pulse on what is important to the customer and are in the field meeting with customers to understand what is important to them. They take regular customer satisfaction surveys to see how their team is performing.

To be successful, awesome sales leaders are focused on the customer and understand what value their salespeople provide. The best sales leaders are committed to enhancing the customer experience and putting together specific plans in place to up the skill of their sales teams so that they will be the best in the industry.

  1. Developing and Supporting a Coaching Culture

A coaching culture starts from the top. Awesome sales leaders are also awesome coaches. They role model coaching behavior with their direct reports and coach their managers on how to coach their salespeople.

CoachingResearch shows that highly effective sales coaches drive more sales and improve sales rep engagement. The challenge is that coaching is a very difficult skill to master. Effective coaching helps improve and upgrade the skills of the sales team.

Coaching takes longer to impact sales but is much more sustainable in delivering consistently high performance.

Awesome sales leaders are investing in sales management training and measuring the effectiveness of their sales managers coaching effectiveness. Their preferred leadership style is coaching.

  1. Executing on Critical Success Factors

Most companies fail to execute their strategies. However, the best sales leaders are highly focused on execution. Many have developed execution plans. They are aware that to effectively execute they need to take their sales management team through a process of identifying, prioritizing and agreeing on what are the critical factors for the success of the business.Awesome Sales Leaders

Awesome sales leaders go beyond what is critical and define how the team will execute the plan. They realize that success comes down to doing a few things well rather than trying to do too much and failing.

Sales leaders see strategy execution as an ongoing process that requires leadership and discipline. They lead their teams by keeping all levels of the organization focused and investing energy and time on what is critical. They avoid distractions and actively track and manage the execution process. Hold regular meetings and provide monthly reporting on how well the organization is executing becomes common practice.

  1. Measuring Success

The most important initiative that awesome sales leaders are doing to lead their teams to success is tracking and measuring how they are doing against their critical success factors.

Awesome sales leaders recognize that their people will respect what they inspect and expect. They consciously build measurements to keep their team on track and adjust as needed.  What differentiates awesome sales leaders is that they know that all good intentions and great programs need to be measured.

Awesome sales leaders realize that creating good measurement and holding regular reviews with the sales team requires intense discipline. A combination of great leadership and management discipline are what makes sales leaders awesome.


In conclusion, the five areas discussed above is not meant to be an exclusive list of what awesome sales leaders are doing to lead their teams to success. These are observations of what I have seen as best practices. As a result, I look forward to hearing from other awesome sales leaders to see what they are doing to achieve a high level of success.

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