Are YOU An Effective Sales Coach?

Do you know how effective your sales managers are? Are you a highly effective sales coach?

The Corporate Executive Board (CEB) Executive found:

  1. Sales manager coaching is the #1 activity that drives sales performance and develops great sales reps.
  2. Highly effective sales managers drive 19% more sales than their less effective colleagues.
  3. Coaching was the skill that sales managers did least well at.

The Coaching Effectiveness Snapshot helps sales executives determine the sales coaching effectiveness of their entire front line sales management team.

Six Dimensions of Effective Coaching

  1. Sales Rep Receptiveness: For coaching to work sales reps must be open to being coached.
  2. Leadership: Leadership is a key dimension in setting and communicating common goals.
  3. Support of Sales Activities: Highly effective coaches help their sales reps focus on which opportunities and customers are most important.
  4. Coaching Flexibility: Highly effective sales manager can adjust their coaching style based on each individual’s needs.
  5. Performance Coaching: Sales managers who hold their salespeople accountable for following through on their own business plan are more effective.
  6. Coaching Time: The time dedicated to coaching in the field and on the phone has a positive impact on the manager’s effectiveness.

It is very difficult for the sales executive to assess their sales managers on these six dimensions. The Coaching Effectiveness Snapshot™ works like 360-degree feedback. All feedback is kept strictly confidential. The sales manager self-evaluates and each of his/her sales reps provides input on these six dimensions.

Built on 360 technology, in less than 15 minutes and conveniently online, sales reps can provide their input on 30 questions covering the six dimensions of effective coaching.