Are You a Great Sales Leader?

Coaching Inside Sales Reps

Are You a Great Sales Leader?

Sales leaders are running so fast that they don’t have a chance to breathe, and they certainly don’t have time to self-evaluate.

Many sales leaders find themselves:

  • Feeling overwhelmed, overly stressed, or frustrated because of the pace of change.
  • Working hard but unable to stay on top of the daily barrage of emails, texts, virtual meetings, and voice messages.
  • Facing reluctance to try new strategies from senior management and resistance from their team to implement new strategies.
  • Dealing with client frustrations, sales rep uncertainty, turnover, and constant corporate requests.
  • With the daily barrage of emails, text messages, voice messages, meetings, solving rep issues and putting out fires, how can sales leaders focus on leading their team and building a high-performance culture?

As a sales leader, how do you know how you are performing in this environment? What are the critical success factors you need to evaluate yourself against?

What if you could increase your focus on these critical success factors and achieve even better results than you are doing right now?



Sales leadership Framework


Your success is measured by results, not your ability to manage the influx of minutia. The top sales leaders FOCUS their time and energy on developing a PERFORMANCE CULTURE and LEADING a winning team.


BOLD and decisive sales leaders get things done through their people. By leading change, engaging, and developing their people, they create winning teams.


A high-performance culture wins new accounts, increases sales from existing customers and improves your odds of attracting and retaining top salespeople.
You set the tone for the culture of the sales organization.

Three Steps to Greatness:

Step 1: Download

Click here to download a copy of the SALES LEADERSHIP ASSESSMENT.

STEP 2: Complete the assessment

Take 3 minutes to assess your leadership, culture, and focus. Circle good, OK, or bad to evaluate each of the nine questions.

STEP 3: Email Me

I want to help you become the best sales leader you can be. Send me your three biggest challenge areas, and I will respond with instant feedback, which you can implement immediately.

Great sales leaders deliver outstanding results.



Steven Rosen - Book a Call
Steven Rosen - Book a Call

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