Are Distractions Preventing You from Achieving Results?

Are Distractions Preventing You from Achieving Results?

Are Distractions Preventing You from Achieving Results?

You are a good sales leader and have developed a performance sales culture. You are the key to driving the performance of your team.

So, what is preventing you from achieving your goals of both you and your team earning a top bonus? What stops you from getting on the podium with some of your salespeople this year?

Chances are, it is a lack of FOCUS.

Don’t get me wrong, you think you are focused, but if you look at where you spend your time, you will agree that much time is wasted on non-results-generating activities.

You are dealing with continuous disruptions. An excessive amount of time is spent on endless internal meetings, emails, phone calls, solving your reps’ problems, and dealing with sales prevention departments, which distracts you from focusing on the activities that will generate outstanding results.

You know that these three results-generating activities (RGAs) will dramatically improve your results:

  1. Coaching and developing your team
  2. Inspiring your team to do an extraordinary job
  3. Keeping your team accountable for doing what’s critical

But you can’t seem to be able to find time to do them consistently.

Your success comes down to focusing on these three critical RGAs. All the other stuff is noise, minutia, and distraction, preventing you from achieving outstanding results.

The question is, how do you break away from the chain of endless distractions?

Maybe it’s time to gain control of your calendar. 

Try implementing Steven’s simple time management approach to focus on driving results:

  1. Analyze where you are spending your time
  2. Determine your top 3 results-generating activities
  3. Block time in your calendar for the next three months for RGAs
  4. Eliminate, say no, and cancel all time-sucking activities that don’t generate results
  5. Minimize your time on activities that are part of your job but don’t impact results

By simply following these five steps, you can stop wasting precious time and dramatically improve your productivity. The key is to reallocate your time from distractions to results-generating activities. The challenge is, that it takes planning and discipline to get good at refocusing your time in a corporate setting. Distractions spell suboptimal performance.

Are you ready to take bold action to sharpen your focus and elevate your sales leadership skills? Set up a 15-minute meeting to see how I can help you achieve outstanding results.



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