52 Ways to Improve Sales Performance

By Steven A. Rosen

New book helps sales managers unlock hidden sales potential (available in paperback).

Now available in paperback

The sales manager is the pivotal person in the sales-driven organization, and Steven’s book shows you how to excel!” said Brian Tracey, author, Getting Rich Your Own Way.

When a company hits a sales slump, most look at the sales staff — but that’s a mistake, says Steven Rosen, author of the new book 52 Sales Management Tips: The Sales Manager’s Success Guide (Amazon; $11.69). To achieve better results and retain top sales talent, Rosen advises investing resources into the proper training, support and coaching of sales managers instead. This short, easy to read book offers common-sense tips and advice to help anyone, from the owner of a small business to the sales manager overseeing billions of dollars of business, better manage those in the trenches to increase profitability.

“Most sales managers are selected for management because they are excellent salespeople but few are adequately prepared to help their sales team truly realize their potential,” said Rosen. “Just because they can do it for themselves doesn’t mean they know how to get the best out of others. This book helps the overworked and often under-trained sales manager make immediate changes that will help their team achieve better sales.”

Featuring one tip for every week of the year, 52 Sales Management Tips is designed to help managers find it within themselves to address key issues so many struggle with, including how to more effectively coach their sales team, better manage their bosses, hire great sales STARS, drive sales performance, and manage different types of people.

“No complicated strategy, just actionable coaching tidbits that guide you to the right tool for the right situation at the right time…This book is a must for the sales management professional,” added William “Skip” Miller, author, ProActive Sales Management.

Get your copy now and be ready to take sales to a new level.

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