Strategies to Develop an Exceptional Workplace

Strategies to Develop an Exceptional Workplace

In this 3:03 video, Gerilyn Horan discusses the strategies to develop an exceptional workplace and its profound impact on employee engagement and retention. She underscores the pivotal role of a robust leadership team dedicated to nurturing employee growth and success.

She highlights the significance of having a global team member survey, a tool used to pinpoint areas for enhancement and ensure ongoing improvement in the work environment.

She shares her organization’s various initiatives to provide growth avenues, including stretch assignments, cross-functional projects, mentoring programs, and recognition initiatives. She also emphasizes encouraging employees to explore various facets of the business, fostering inclusivity and a culture of opportunity.

Key Takeaways: Strategies to Develop an Exceptional Workplace 

  • Hilton’s exceptional company culture and commitment to employee growth and happiness have contributed to its success.
  • Strong leadership creates a positive work environment and fosters employee engagement.
  • Utilizing a global team member survey to identify areas for improvement and enhance employee satisfaction is crucial/
  • Organizations should provide growth opportunities, including stretch assignments, cross-functional team projects, mentoring, and recognition programs.
  • Organizations should encourage employees to explore different parts of the business, fostering a sense of belonging and creating a culture of opportunity.

Summary Video Article:

Title: Strategies to Develop an Exceptional Workplace

Byline: By sales leadership and coaching experts Colleen Stanley and Steven Rosen with their guest speaker Gerilyn Horan, VP of Group Sales and Strategic Accounts for Hilton

Creating an Amazing Culture: The Role of Leadership

An organization’s success in creating a fantastic culture can be attributed to the commitment and investment of its leadership. Gerilyn highlights the importance of Hilton’s CEO in setting the tone for the organization. She states, “Our CEO has just created an amazing culture at Hilton. We’re all very clear about our purpose, why we’re here, and what we’re doing.” This clarity of purpose and direction is crucial in fostering a sense of belonging and motivation among team members.

Utilizing team member surveys to grasp their needs and address areas for improvement is crucial for fostering a culture of active listening. Gerilyn emphasizes the importance of these surveys, highlighting the organization’s dedication to analyzing feedback and making necessary improvements. This commitment is vital in sustaining high employee engagement and satisfaction levels.

Fostering Opportunity and Growth

One key factor contributing to employee satisfaction and retention is the opportunity for growth within an organization. Organizations should recognize this and provide their team members with various avenues to explore different parts of the business. This emphasis on cross-functional learning helps employees gain a broader understanding of the organization and opens up new possibilities for career advancement.

The organization’s focus on providing growth opportunities should extend beyond promotions and traditional career paths. Gerilyn highlights the importance of stretch assignments: “Giving them stretch assignments so they’re continuing to learn like this ever-growing learning mindset.” These stretch assignments allow employees to challenge themselves and acquire new skills, even if they are not ready for the following role or promotion. This emphasis on continuous learning and development creates a culture of growth and keeps employees engaged and motivated.

The Impact of a Thriving Culture

An organization’s commitment to its employees and their growth directly impacts employee engagement and retention. An organization’s efforts in employee retention are evident in the longevity of its team members. Gerilyn shares, “I have the longest tenure team in the world. We just had two retirements on one team last year. People were jumping all over these jobs because people don’t leave.” This level of employee loyalty and commitment directly results from her organization’s focus on creating a culture that values and invests in its team members.

Strategies to Develop an Exceptional Workplace

As organizations strive to create a positive work environment, Hilton’s approach is a shining example of how investing in employees can lead to long-term success. The impact of this culture is evident in the high engagement scores and long tenures of its team members. 

An organization’s success in creating a thriving work culture is a testament to the power of leadership, opportunity, and employee engagement. By fostering a culture of growth and providing ample opportunities for learning and development, organizations could create an environment where employees feel valued and motivated. 


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