3 Key Reasons Sales Managers Aren’t Coaching

Sales managers head in the sand

Message: Get your head out of the sand and start coaching. That’s your job! And Here is How to Change That!

Top sales coaches have the power to supercharge a team’s performance. Research suggests that the best sales coaches can drive 19% more sales than those who are less effective coaches. Yet, despite these promising numbers, many sales managers remain disengaged from the coaching process. Why?

Here are the three most common reasons sales managers aren’t coaching their teams and actionable steps to help them improve their game.


1- Poor Coaching Skills

The Problem: Many managers excel at their jobs because they were standout salespeople. But selling and coaching are different skill sets. A sales manager might be adept at closing deals but lacks the techniques to effectively coach a team.

The Solution:

Training: Investing in professional coaching training is crucial. Managers must understand coaching methodologies, techniques, and the psychology behind coaching.

Mentoring: Pair the manager with a senior leader or an external coach. They can learn firsthand what effective coaching looks like.

Practice: Like any skill, coaching gets better with practice. Encourage managers to set aside regular coaching sessions and seek feedback on their coaching style.


2- Lack of Will

The Problem: Some managers simply don’t see the value in coaching. They might believe their team should already know what to do or think that spending time on coaching isn’t worth the time or effort.

The Solution:

Showcase the Value: Share statistics, like the one mentioned above, that demonstrate the tangible benefits of coaching. More sales translate to more revenue, which is a powerful motivator.

Set Expectations: Make coaching a core responsibility. Ensure managers understand that it’s not an optional part of their role but a critical component.

Celebrate Successes: When a team member achieves a milestone after a coaching session, celebrate that win. Recognizing the positive outcomes of coaching can boost motivation to continue.


3- Just Not Making the Time

The Problem: Sales managers are often swamped. Finding the time to coach between meetings, reports, and sales tasks can seem impossible.

The Solution:

Prioritize Coaching: Emphasize that coaching isn’t a task to be squeezed in but a priority. Managers who see coaching as an essential part of their role are more likely to make time for it.

Time Management Training: Provide managers with training on effectively managing their time. This can help them carve out dedicated slots for coaching.

Leverage Technology: Use scheduling tools, reminders, and CRM systems to set and track coaching sessions. This ensures that coaching occurs and makes it a systematic part of the workflow.



Top sales performance isn’t just about individual skill, or the product being sold; it’s about the support, guidance, and mentorship sales managers provide. We can unlock a powerful tool for pursuing sales excellence by addressing the barriers to effective coaching. Sales managers need to remember coaching isn’t just another task on the to-do list; it’s an investment in the team’s future success.



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