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Focus on Results

Build a Winning Team

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You are here to make a significant impact. To lead your team and grow your business.

You are ready to sharpen your focus, level up your sales leadership effectiveness, and elevate your team’s performance.

You are committed to developing yourself and your team.

Are you ready to take bold and massive action?

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Steven Rosen - Sales Leadership Coach

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Steven Rosen - Executive Sales Coach

Focus on Results

Take control of your calendar, effectively delegate, and develop a winning mindset. Allowing you to FOCUS your time and energy on being the leader you want to be and developing the culture you desire.

Steven Rosen - Executive Sales Coach

Build a Winning Team

Coach your team to improve performance, sales rep engagement and retain top performers. Lead your team with confidence by providing BOLD direction and empowering your team.

Steven Rosen - Executive Sales Coach

High-Performance Culture

Develop a high-performance culture that wins new business and increases sales from existing customers. Executes with excellence, hire top performers, and is highly accountable.

C-Suite | Sales Executives | Team Coaching 

Steven Rosen • Coaching Executives for 25 Years:

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What if all it took for you to start building a winning team and creating a high-performance culture was by sharpening your FOCUS?

Not complicating your sales strategies

Not by implementing more sales training

Not by adding new technology

But instead – sharpening your focus through more effective planning will give you more time and brainpower to devote to achieving outstanding results.

That is EXACTLY what happens when you level up your sales leadership focus. We do these powerful and insightful calls we call LEADERSHIP ASSESSMENT REVIEW.

Listen – I get it. You’re running so quickly that you don’t have time to tie your shoes. You have heard it before that consultants are telling you they will do a free call when in fact, it’s just a sales call. This call isn’t that. It is NOT a sales call. Even if you wanted to buy, it wouldn’t be possible.


A one-on-one coaching program for sales executives seeking to improve their leadership, culture, and focus.



A sales team coaching program for sales managers to improve their coaching and improve sales performance.


As a BOLD and Decisive Sales Leader, You’re Facing Unprecedented Change.

You want to lead change, but senior management is risk-averse, and your salespeople are resistant.

Are you experiencing any of these pain points?

Pain Point #1


Balancing engagement with sales achievement and performance.
(read more)

Pain Point #2


Getting both senior management and your team’s buy-in?
(read more)

Pain Point #3


Has COVID impacted your ability to hire, engage, and retain top talent?
(read more)

Pain Point #4


Are your salespeople getting hammered by customers for price or supply issues?
(read more)

I have been coaching sales leaders for over two decades – I can help!

Alcon LogoSteven’s deep knowledge of executive coaching and performance management has greatly helped us progress against our development goals and accelerate business performance.

Pierre Bourdage

GM UK & Ireland, Alcon

Novartis LogoSteve has been an indispensable partner to me for many years. His practical approach to coaching and in-depth knowledge of sales, leadership and pharma make him the best coach you will find. Every session ends with learnings and action plans that lead to results!

Gail Tatebe

Director Marketing, Novartis

Bayer LogoSteven proved to be a valuable resource in helping us formulate and implement a coaching plan for our management team. He demonstrated a great depth of knowledge in the area of coaching throughout the project.

Paul Newman , Bayer

President, Director of Sales Force Development, Bayer

Alcon LogoSteven’s executive coaching has helped me focus on how to challenge the status quo, how to influence others and the importance of teaching my people how to “fish” for themselves.

Tricia Symmes

General Manager, Alcon Canada

Kite PharmaSteven has been an excellent resource for us in terms of sales force strategic planning and introducing programs to enhance the level of coaching and execution with our managers. 

Warner Biddle

Vice President, Kite Pharma

Allergan LogoSteven helped Allergan develop a high-performance organization. We have enjoyed strong growth over the past five years. He has been a personal mentor and contributed in part to our success.

Stu Fowler

President & GM, Allergan Canada

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